Week-2-Week Blog Facts

3-D Printing:

  1. Advances in the medical field
  2. Heighten defense system
  3. Home-crafting industrialized objects
  4. Cheap and fast production
  5. Drop in prices

Kendrick Lamar

  1. Kendrick is 26 years old
  2. Good Kid, M.A.A.D. City hit #2 in U.S. charts
  3. Member of the Black Hippy
  4. Attended same high school as Dr. Dre
  5. Kendrick is the oldest of 5 siblings


  1. See bottom of blog post for Fun Facts!


  1. In 2000 snowboarding was the fastest growing sport
  2. There are still ski resorts that don’t allow snowboarders?!
  3. One in four snowboarders are ages 25-44
  4. 24% of people who play winter sports are snowboarders
  5. Snowboarding uses a variety of muscles

Breaking Bad

  1. Showtime, Tnt, Fx and HBO all pasted on the show
  2. Los Pollos, the restaurant chain does not exist
  3. In the original scene, Walt kills Jane
  4. The blue meth was actually rock candy
  5. Jesse was originally supposed to die after season one

CJ Fly

  1. Member of the New York Hip-hop group Pro-Era
  2. Recently dropped his first mixtape, The Way Eye See It
  3. His first single was “Still the Motto”
  4. He is one of my favorite artist
  5. I saw CJ Fly live and dapped him up April 3rd

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