Leave it up to Chance

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

Chance, Acid Rapper!

Chance the Rapper is an aspiring rapper out of Chicago, IL. I only say aspiring because he has yet to drop a debut album yet but has managed to not only find his way to the leading hip-hop charts but also make a huge impression with only two mixtapes(Click mixtape cover’s above to go straight to download link, It’s worth it!)! Chance began his move into hip-hop his freshmen year of high school, in an interview he mentioned that his first hip-hop album to buy and fully listen to was Kanye West’s “College Dropout”. In early April of 2012 Chance was suspended from his high school for what I believe was marijuana related. During his time off he decided he was going to use that time to create a mixtape and see where he got with it and boy was he happy he did. Chance released “10 Day” April 15th, 2012, which took a little while to take off but now has over 80,000 downloads. After he saw his talents manifest and realized that he was actually reaching and connecting with the people he furthered his efforts in the hip-hop industry and released his newest project, “Acid Rap” a little over a year later. This fralbum (free-album) has been an extreme success getting an overall rating of 86/100 from 20 very well known hip-hop critics. Chance is continuing to make music while taking on the tour life as an opening act and finally at the end of 2013 he will be touring as his own major act instead of as an open. I recommend that you take a second and give him a listen, his style of hip-hop is much different than what most people think of when they think hip-hop and you just might like him.

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