Kanye West is a Gangster

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

So, a few weeks back Kanye West was being followed the paparazzi while they attempted to take pictures of him. In the heat of it all one of the reporters ended up puncturing his personal bubble and Kanye did what any crazy rapper would do and he swing and hit the guy in the face. As I’m sure you can assume that did not go over well for the guy who got struck in the face as he proceeded to press lawsuit. Kanye claimed self defense and that he felt like he was being directly threatened.

So blah, blah, blah, coming up they will appear in court and actually settle this, whatever. Here comes the part that had me dying of laughter. Kanye proceeded to invite the defendant out dinner at an extremely expense restaurant and offered to pay as a nice gesture. After they have a good time and the meal is over Kanye drops the bomb and dine-and-dashes on a $12,000 bill leaving the guy with simply “The dishes are in the back, better get started.” Now I understand this is @$$hole move but I think it’s actually pretty funny. What’s your opinion?

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