Posted: September 26, 2013 in No, but Seriously

Litter ; verb: to make (a place) untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about

Can someone help me understand why people litter? Its 2013, there’s a trash can on nearly ever corner where people tend to walk and if you’re driving chances are the trash can hang on a little bit longer until your next stop where I’m sure there’ll be a place to trash some stuff. I understand there may be a few times where throwing something far away where no one will bother it seems like the most logical thing to do and sometimes it just happens, I get that. However what I don’t get is people smashing glass, throwing trash out of the car window because it’s “taking up too much space in the car”, or they’re just straight up too lazy. It needs to stop a.s.a.p. and one person cannot do this job alone; it will take everyone to do their part to keep their community as well as the Earth a clean & beautiful place. Clean up costs are often hidden however even with a growing involvement in community service clean up costs are still approximately $11.5 billion each year which too me is mind blowing. Now I know I can’t hold your hand and walk to the garbage with you for everything piece trash you have. All I can ask you is that YOU do YOUR part to keep the Earth a beautiful and clean place for no only us but future generations to come.


  • Around the country property costs have been reduced on average by 7%!
  • 93% of homeowners said that the amount of litter in a community and around a neighborhood impacts their decision on where to live
  • Education institutes spend approximately $241 million each year on litter clean up costs(might as well, who needs books?)
  • Businesses are paying the largest chunk out of overall costs of litter clean up coming in at approximately $9.1 billion dollars a year


  1. njmacgregor says:

    I like how passionate you are about this topic. Littering is a serious problem and it does need to be fixed. I also like how you incorporated the “fun facts.” Good touch.

  2. grbergeron says:

    I agree we should all do our parts to keep this place clean. Animals get stuck in our trash piles. Nasty new organisms are forming in the buildups. It isn’t clean at all.
    I would break up that paragraph a bit it was a bit much for one sitting.

  3. Megan says:

    This blog was very informative and the author really got the point across. There are no up sides to littering and people really need to get with it and really start to helping out. Littering is a global issue and if we want it to stop we really need to all pitch in. the author did a great job being stern and giving lots of information.

  4. zlfuller says:

    I see littering as a problem too. When i walk down the street there is always trash strewn about. People are getting lazier and don’t care or don’t realize the impact they are making. I didn’t realize how much money businesses and corporations are paying to keep there offices clean. That money should be used to help the economy.

  5. hdutton says:

    I really like how this post was set up! Especially the definition at the beginning. Littering is truly a problem that needs to be fixed. You’d think an evolved species like humans are, we’d be a little more conscientious of the planet.

  6. bmw1010 says:

    Just looking at this post made me think this blog post was going to be a good one. The set up is nice, its not too long and has nice visuals. It sends a message. Plus the fun facts were a nice touch.

  7. jm1013 says:

    I love this blog! I always tell people not to litter especially while we’re driving in the car. It’s disgusting and, exactly what you said, not THAT hard to find a trash can. Good job with seperating you blog into sections… it’s much easier to read that way. Lots of good
    & interesting facts too!

  8. eahitt says:

    This was a really interesting blog post! The topic was relevant to everyone and was very informative. It definitely made me want to do my part to help stop littering! The author used lots of bold words and colors making the text more appealing to read. He also included a bullet list of fun facts that were mind blowing statistics on how much people are actually spending on litter clean up. I liked the discussion question “Can someone help me understand why people litter?” because who knows what provokes people to be so lazy.

  9. James says:

    I really like your blog and the theme of it i also like your title of the blog. This topic though is harder than it looks when I am guessing over 50% of the trash you find on the side of the road is beer cans. I understand the point and what we all want to achieve but is it possible with a no open container law for cars?

  10. msaviano says:

    I like how you pick a different topic and you just say what you think about the situation. And I liked how you had specific facts about littering. How do you recycle?

  11. msabatino says:

    i like the blog post you put a lot of good information in to back up your point on not littering that is crazy that it cost $241 million for littering clean up

  12. cletheridge says:

    I agree completely with this blog. I hate when people litter, it just looks trashy, no pun intented. New Hampshire is such a beautiful place to live, but now, you drive down the road and you see beer cans on the side of the road, the McDonalds bag that someone threw out their window driving up the Kanc. Its sad to think that people would rather damage our earth and spend extra money cleaning it up rather than holding on to their trash a bit longer and throwing it away when they get home. This is a good blog, but I would suggest that maybe next time doing a blog like this, see where in the United States is considered the “trashiest” state, just something that I was thinking while I was reading this post. Great job though, a lot of facts that I didn’t know about littering!

  13. jmcarten says:

    I agree i think the main reason why people litter is because they are to lazy to walk to the trash can or its that they just dont care. But i think the way a neighborhood or an area looks will affect peoples decisions on if they should move there or not. But its take a while to get everyone on board with the whole clean act thing but it seems like every year it keeps improving a little which is better then nothing.

  14. ndtamang says:

    It seems that this blog was made to suggest people to not to throw dirty things around the environment. It also suggests us that the government of United States have been struggling to stop littering.

  15. ntlevesque says:

    Wow this is possibly the most organized, informative blog i have read yet, bravo. I also agree with you, i think it is awful that people can not simply just throw away their trash. I know that waste building up in garbage dumps is a huge problem too. Go green or go home!

  16. Carl says:

    The reader can tell that the blogger has very strong feelings about the topic of littering. I thought it was effective to say sometimes it is understandable, but then to continue to inform us how stupid it really is to throw trash on the ground. The second picture illustrates how easy it would be to make the first picture non-existent. The fun facts at the bottom are a real wake up call for readers.

  17. owlund says:

    It is a interesting blog. I think that people litter too much. It is good that you brought it to peoples attention. The Fun Facts were a good addition to the blog post.

  18. bjj1010 says:

    I think that this was a well thought out and written blog. i agree that we need to change how we take care of our trash and that we need to fix how we treat the earth for future generations. The fun facts were a good addition as well

  19. Nick says:

    As much as I support the cause (stop littering) the article didn’t really jump out at me. Not being rude or mean, but some of the sentences seemed to be run on and kinda lengthy. Not really a fan of the title either. But on a positive note, I like the fun facts at the bottom. That was interesting. When talking about a topic like littering that has been talked about in probably thousands of blogs/articles/etc it’s important to make yours stand out. What about yours is gunna make me remember it any more than the others I’ve seen or heard about?