Early Christmas

Posted: November 21, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

Don’t you guys just love getting that first Christmas present before Christmas that just gets you more excited? This year I just received word that I will be getting a very big present around Christmas however just the news is an early gift to me. Over this Christmas break I will be heading down to Orlando, Florida in order to visit all the amazing amusement parks they have to offer. For this blog I thought it was only appropriate to share with you some of my attractions at the best park down there

Island of Adventures Best Rides

  1. Dueling Dragons:
  2. The Incredible Hulk:
  3. Jurassic Park River Adventure:
  4. The Amazing Adventures of Spider-Man:
  5. Finally, Popeye & Bluto’s Bilge-Rat Barges:

Childhood Jammed Into Three Minutes

Posted: November 14, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

Growing up music has always been a big part of my life. Not only does it help you express yourself but music is powerful. Even simply the beat of song from my childhood can bring back exact feelings, smells, and sites. It helps me remember long drives in the car where we’d play eye spy or day trips to the beach where the radio would clash with the sounds of the ocean.

Here are some of my favorite songs from my childhood;



What are your favorite songs from your childhood and what do they remind you of?!

Leave it up to Chance

Posted: November 6, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

Chance, Acid Rapper!

Chance the Rapper is an aspiring rapper out of Chicago, IL. I only say aspiring because he has yet to drop a debut album yet but has managed to not only find his way to the leading hip-hop charts but also make a huge impression with only two mixtapes(Click mixtape cover’s above to go straight to download link, It’s worth it!)! Chance began his move into hip-hop his freshmen year of high school, in an interview he mentioned that his first hip-hop album to buy and fully listen to was Kanye West’s “College Dropout”. In early April of 2012 Chance was suspended from his high school for what I believe was marijuana related. During his time off he decided he was going to use that time to create a mixtape and see where he got with it and boy was he happy he did. Chance released “10 Day” April 15th, 2012, which took a little while to take off but now has over 80,000 downloads. After he saw his talents manifest and realized that he was actually reaching and connecting with the people he furthered his efforts in the hip-hop industry and released his newest project, “Acid Rap” a little over a year later. This fralbum (free-album) has been an extreme success getting an overall rating of 86/100 from 20 very well known hip-hop critics. Chance is continuing to make music while taking on the tour life as an opening act and finally at the end of 2013 he will be touring as his own major act instead of as an open. I recommend that you take a second and give him a listen, his style of hip-hop is much different than what most people think of when they think hip-hop and you just might like him.

Much like gas powers our cars, food power our lives. It fuels our body in order to allow us perform daily tasks such as thinking, moving and breathing. Who you are, what you do, and your ability to do it are all influenced by the food choices you make. Your diet is a very powerful tool that can be used for good or bad and it is important that you at least try to use it to your advantage.


Overall what you eat determines how much energy you have to tackle the activities you are doing that day whether it be a football game or something as simple as doing the dishes. Eating healthy helps make every activity run smoothly as well as reduces your risk for serious health issues.


Food is the source of power that keep your brain running and has a direct relationship to our mental and emotion health. Illnesses such as depression, schizophrenia, Alzheimer’s and Parkinson can all benefit from a healthy diet particularly with a reduced calorie diet as well as a colorful variety.


Eating a healthy diet leads to your body and mind feeling fit. It makes you look good and feel good, you are more self-confident and outgoing causing you to enjoy life a little more. Unhealthy eating leads to obesity and can increase chances of illness making it harder for social interaction between friends and family.

Exercise; noun: activity requiring physical effort, carried out esp. to sustain or improve health and fitness

Now I know exercising is not the most fun thing for some of us to do, it is hard work and with only 24 short hours in the day motivation plays a big factor too. However I would extremely encourage everyone to take a couple minutes out of their day in order to get a little bit of exercise in and push towards a healthier life. Even for a few minutes a day exercise has several benefits.

Benefits of Exercising

  • Exercise controls weight–Even if you can’t get to the gym and actually exercise even taking the stairs or doing chores can help
  • Exercise combats health conditions and diseases–Regular exercise can assist in fighting off high blood pressure, stroke, depression and even some types of cancers
  • Exercise improves mood–Just a couple minutes in the gym a day can leave you happier and more relaxed, plus there is no better feeling than once you start seeing results
  • Exercise boost energy–Regular exercise helps improve muscle strength and endurance while also improving the flow of oxygen and nutrients
  • Exercise promotes better sleep–Having trouble falling asleep? A little bit of exercise could be the perfect thing to help you fall asleep or even deepen your sleep
  • Exercise puts the spark back in your sex life–Tiring out easy? Exercise can leave you more energized as well as looking better. It can also lead to increased sexual arousal for women and men are less likely to have problems with erectile dysfunction
  • Exercise IS FUN–There is something for everyone to enjoy. It gives you a changes to unwind and enjoy the outdoors. It is a good way to socialize and get closer with friends and family. So find something fun you like to do and just do it


Overall exercise and great way to improve your health and the way you feel about yourself. It helps raise self-esteem and has social benefits as well. Try to set a goal and even a simple 30 minutes a day will make you feel better! Look for something that interests you and roll with it! You might end up loving it.

Kanye West is a Gangster

Posted: October 22, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

So, a few weeks back Kanye West was being followed the paparazzi while they attempted to take pictures of him. In the heat of it all one of the reporters ended up puncturing his personal bubble and Kanye did what any crazy rapper would do and he swing and hit the guy in the face. As I’m sure you can assume that did not go over well for the guy who got struck in the face as he proceeded to press lawsuit. Kanye claimed self defense and that he felt like he was being directly threatened.

So blah, blah, blah, coming up they will appear in court and actually settle this, whatever. Here comes the part that had me dying of laughter. Kanye proceeded to invite the defendant out dinner at an extremely expense restaurant and offered to pay as a nice gesture. After they have a good time and the meal is over Kanye drops the bomb and dine-and-dashes on a $12,000 bill leaving the guy with simply “The dishes are in the back, better get started.” Now I understand this is @$$hole move but I think it’s actually pretty funny. What’s your opinion?

Wait…3-D what?

Posted: October 17, 2013 in Goin' on a Rant!

Technology is an amazing thing. It helps us communicate as well as makes our regular day to day activities easier for our own benefit. After all technology is a tool and using tools is what sets us as human beings apart from other living things. We sure have done it this time. In past year we have released what is called a 3 Dimensional Printer which uses a plastic substance in most cases to create whatever 3-D image you provide it with.
This to me is an astounding invention however is going to get a bit interesting in the near future I believe. What this means is that people can mass produce nearly anything they want. You can turn your garage into a factory to create whatever you want, even if you are not there to monitor it. This is going to revolutionize the way we produce things. They are even using this technology in order to create physical, functioning human organs! It’s MINDBLOWING! So the question is, what would you use this new technology to create in the comfort or your own home?

Control Verse

Posted: October 3, 2013 in Hip-Hop Music

In a song recently released by Detroit hip-hop artist Big Sean featuring Kendrick Lamar and Jay Electronica where Kendrick spit a verse that sent a shock wave through the rap game. Kendrick includes a line where he calls himself “the King of New York”, being from Compton and knowing New York’s glowing presence in the rap game this was huge for a lot of people. Kendrick goes on mention several people with high standings in the game and say “I got love for you all but I’m tryna murder you n***as, tryna make sure your core fans never heard of you n***as, they don’t want not one more noun or verb from you n***as, what is competition? I’m tryna raise the bar high!” This was not intended to be a diss to the people he mentioned it’s point was to draw the competition from out of the shadow’s and that’s exactly what it did. Rapper’s around the country started dropping remix’s to “Control” speaking their minds about how they felt about the verse Kendrick spit and why they are the best. I’m personally glad to see the hip-hop game at a point now where when a rapper gets “dissed” no blood has to be shed, just friendly competition to see who is going to be the best. Kendrick knew exactly what effect it was going to have when he dropped the song however that’s exactly what he wanted to happened. Moral of the story is that Kendrick is trying to motivate everyone to do the best work they possibly can AND YOU SHOULD TOO!


Posted: September 26, 2013 in No, but Seriously

Litter ; verb: to make (a place) untidy with rubbish or a large number of objects left lying about

Can someone help me understand why people litter? Its 2013, there’s a trash can on nearly ever corner where people tend to walk and if you’re driving chances are the trash can hang on a little bit longer until your next stop where I’m sure there’ll be a place to trash some stuff. I understand there may be a few times where throwing something far away where no one will bother it seems like the most logical thing to do and sometimes it just happens, I get that. However what I don’t get is people smashing glass, throwing trash out of the car window because it’s “taking up too much space in the car”, or they’re just straight up too lazy. It needs to stop a.s.a.p. and one person cannot do this job alone; it will take everyone to do their part to keep their community as well as the Earth a clean & beautiful place. Clean up costs are often hidden however even with a growing involvement in community service clean up costs are still approximately $11.5 billion each year which too me is mind blowing. Now I know I can’t hold your hand and walk to the garbage with you for everything piece trash you have. All I can ask you is that YOU do YOUR part to keep the Earth a beautiful and clean place for no only us but future generations to come.


  • Around the country property costs have been reduced on average by 7%!
  • 93% of homeowners said that the amount of litter in a community and around a neighborhood impacts their decision on where to live
  • Education institutes spend approximately $241 million each year on litter clean up costs(might as well, who needs books?)
  • Businesses are paying the largest chunk out of overall costs of litter clean up coming in at approximately $9.1 billion dollars a year


If you’re attending Plymouth State and have ever been on a mountain before it is almost a given that you will be purchasing some type of season pass this year as the ski/boarding season approaches us. I personally am purchasing one as was wondering exactly which one of these is the best pass for a Plymouth State Student taking into account all the factors such as price, transportation, distance away from the school as well as my personal opinion (coming from a snowboarder who has visited these mountains each several times) on the better mountains that are included in the deals.

The two passes I choose to look at are the New England Pass and the 4-NH College Pass. These both include some great ski resorts in NH however there are some significant differences that needs to be considered as a college student.

Price: N.E.P.(New England Pass)- $349.00 VS. N.H.C.P.(4-NH College Pass)- $319.00

  • Sunday River (96 miles;approx 1hr 50min away from PSU)- Sunday River is an amazing mountain in the northern part of Maine with 7 different peaks(I know, unbelievable). It has plenty of difficult glades as well as a huge terrain park and worth the trip every time.
  • Sugarloaf (124 miles;approx 2hr 20min away from PSU)- Sugarloaf is located in northern Vermont and is a very popular mountain, the few times I have gone there were some pretty lengthy lines however some times it just happens. The mountain is a little bit smaller than Sunday River but has plenty to offer nonetheless. I have enjoyed my time there every time I have been however this mountain is definitely a drive.
  • Loon (24.4 miles;approx 30min away from PSU)- Loon is the mountain that has the most to offer students here at PSU in this particular package. Loon is one of my favorite mountains that has been expanding each year I return. Loon is a bit smaller than the previous two mentioned however they are at no shortage of challenging glades and their parks are fun and original.
  • Snowy Mountains

  • Waterville (19.8 miles;approx 30min away from PSU)- Waterville is a small mountain located very close to Plymouth State. Waterville is a fun mountain if you are going for a half day or for a few hours at a time but I found that even visiting this mountain for one full day can get boring only because of how repetitive it is. If the summit is closed you may find yourself running the same 3-5 trails all day long which does in fact get very boring. The drive is what makes this one worthwhile.
  • Bretton Woods (48.5 miles;approx 50min away from PSU)-Bretton Woods is another fairly small mountain however has a lot to offer. Bretton Woods, when the woods is snowed in, offers several fun and challenging glades, they also have a park that is not crazy but gets the job done.
  • Cannon (31.3 miles;approx 30min away from PSU)- I have had some of the best snowboarding experiences in my career at Cannon Resort. Cannon is a mid-sized mountain that on a powder day is some of the best skiing around. They offer plenty of glades as well as a few hidden glades, usually with untouched snow. The parks are decent at Cannon however I’d suggest the regular downhill skiing if you make it out to this mountain for some fresh powder. PS. Fun fact, Cannon is the home mountain of 5 time Olympic gold medalist, Bode Miller.
  • Cranmore (52.2 miles;approx 1hr 25min away from PSU)- Saved the worst for last in this case. Cranmore is a very small mountain a little bit more south than most of the mountains. Every time I have made the trip to Cranmore it has been icy with the snow guns blowing in your face down nearly every trail (this may also be because I would never waste a powder day at Cranmore). If you are making a quick trip when you are passing by this is not a horrible mountain but it definitely not one you would want to ski everyday.

So, now that I have given you the run down on the price, the distance and time it would take to get to these mountains from campus (take into account gas and miles on your vehicle, those times and distances are one way), as well as a little bit of my personal experience while visiting these mountains you might be wondering which one of these passes is going to benefit you more overall…

In my personal opinion I believe that N.H.C.P. or 4-NH College Pass is the better option for MOST students at Plymouth State University. As you can see overall the New England Pass has some sweet mountains all which have a ton to offer however the travel distances to those mountains are the big turn off here. It is called the New England pass for a reason, because they are the best places around New England, not in our local area. The N.H.C.P. targets mountains that, yes are not as big as the other ones, however are located at a much more reasonable distance and for a cheaper price. Included in both passes are about the same amount of variety (variety including number of trails, parks, glades, etc) meaning the main factors are do you want to pay the extra cash, do you have means of transportation as well as gas money and most importantly as a college student do you have the time? I have presented you with all the information you need to make an informed decision on which pass is for you…my only suggestion would be get them sooner than later before the prices spike! Thanks for reading and safe riding!